Stem Cell Therapy for Leukemia

What is Leukemia? 

In leukemia, an individual basically has cancer that involves their white blood cells. These blood cells are developed in a procedure that fundamentally utilizes multipotent adult stem cells. Once old white blood cells reached into the bloodstream, they have a vital role to combat infections attacking our bodies.  


Once an individual has leukemia, these white blood cells will not function and grow as efficiently as they used to anymore. The cells turn out to be cancerous and the body cannot be able to combat infection as well. It will compromise the functions and purposes of the body organs and the patient will be prone to any kind of infection since their immune system doesn’t efficiently work as it is supposed to.  

Treating leukemia successfully 

Leukemia can effectively be treated. To make this happen, the abnormal white blood cells should be taken care of. Meaning, that healthy and functional white blood cells could develop instead. Though chemotherapy utilizes drugs that are extremely strong to focus and destroy the abnormal blood cells that a patient has. There will be greater side effects and it doesn’t fight all of them by itself. To improve the effects of chemotherapy and to bring back the immune system of a patient, a bone marrow could greatly help. 

Bone Marrow Transplant 

In this procedure, the bone marrow stem cells of a patient will be replaced with fresher and healthy ones from a compatible donor. First, the abnormal blood cells will be removed with the help of chemotherapy and the bone marrow of the donors, which contain healthy stem cells, will be taken into the bloodstream of the cancer patient. 

New stem cell therapy for leukemia 

Even with the success of the customary bone marrow transplant, issues are still raised to perfect this process. In newer methods, researchers have looked for methods to aid the stem cells in the donor blood to reproduce, which makes them more prevailing to remove diseases like cancer. 

Traditional bone marrow therapies have several issues. One of them is that the donor needs to be compatible with the patient that has cancer. In recent techniques, the method eliminates the requirement to have a matching patient. The higher stem cell concentration gives more efficient outcomes, which help enhance patient results. 

Enhancing leukemia alternatives and treatment 

Leukemia is one of those devastating diseases, which could affect old and young alike. For decades, stem cells are one traditional therapy that helps sufferers in reducing cancer and aiding the patients to recover from this awful disease.  

The problems related to immunological rejection are viral ones that have led to more perfected stem cell methods like the previously mentioned one. However, new techniques to enhance the utilization of stem cells is amazing and, hopefully, will keep on providing even more effective procedures for stem cells to aid patients with leukemia.  

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