Stamped Concrete Ideas on Budget

Stamped concrete may be a cheap option but, you always associate a material being cheap to not being of good quality. Since you thought this is the case, you’re thinking twice with stamped concrete. Concrete can be plain if you don’t want to spend more money on its stamping and coloring but that wouldn’t really be something you wanted if it’s just plain boring like that.  


Here are some of the ideas that you can talk to your contractor about to maximize the budget you have for your stamped concrete hardscaped area: 


First off, be flexible. It doesn’t necessarily mean that if you want a 10 by 10 area to be hardscaped, it means that it’s supposed to be a square. Take advantage of the idea that concrete can be flexible and can be poured into any shape. This not only creates a unique design and aesthetic it also reduces your cost by making the most of the area and leaving some space for soft scaping.  

Second, make a borderline for the area. This will save you big money in terms of labor costs because instead of stamping the entire area the borderline will act as a frame for the concrete and it will give it an enclosed finished look. The design is not only stylish, it’s also elegant and organized. 

Third would be, keeping it cool and simple. The colors of the pattern should match the architecture of the area. You don’t need to have a very eye-catching design for your hardscaping. It should just coincide with the shape and color of everything else around it keeping the area cool and simple and not too flashy but stylish.  

 Fourth is, be picky with patterns. You don’t always have to conform with repetitive designs and one color, you can use sawcut. Sawcut is a form of concrete cutting that involves sawing, removing and drilling on concrete to create an artistic design using special saws that has diamond blades. You can ask your contractor if this is something that they can do since these have specific equipment to be used. 

And finally, last but not the least, connect the concrete. As mentioned in the first part, let your concrete be flexible and flow in any form. If you also connect concrete with different forms, then that would save you costs and also would make your home look more unique. The idea of mixing together soft scaping and hardscaping is always a good idea to save on costs.  


Talk to your contractor about these ideas to maximize the stamped concrete area of your home. If you live in Sacramento, California, in that area you can talk to a professional on decorative / stamped concrete and ask for their ideas on your next home renovation project. There are readily available services in Sacramento, California for hardscaping projects like these. Be sure to check out Sacramento Concrete Stamping for their services like these. Or you can visit them 

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