Plumbing Problems That Need Professional Help

Unless it is a legit emergency case, small plumbing issues can easily be ignored. Oftentimes, innocuous issues are more of a troublesome.

Nonetheless, leaking pipes and clogged drainage systems can definitely turn into a more serious plumbing problem if they are not taken into actions as soon as possible. As a matter of fact, if you happen to notice one of the following signs or problems with your house plumbing, you should immediately contact a professional and licensed plumbing service provider rather than later.

Running Toilets

Constantly running toilet is one commonly ignored plumbing problem. Not only is it very annoying but it may also cause a significantly increased water bill.

Problems with toilet plumbing usually happen when the flapper valve does not fit well, the fill tube has turn loose or the float is imbalanced. In addition to that, having sediment in the toilet can prevent it from filling and flushing in a way it should. Furthermore, you could even have silent leaks. For all of the toilet plumbing repairs and needs, especially with regards to leaking toilets, you should contact a professional and highly reputable plumbing service provider immediately.

Leaking Faucet

A dripping and leaky faucet may seem very minor, causing people at home to wait months or more before taking certain actions for plumbing repairs and needs. Unfortunately, waiting to solve this issue can have large consequences on your utility bill. Thus, you could be wasting a lot of water in one year without even having the knowledge about it. However, solving an easily corrected water leak could make you save about 10 percent on your water bills every month and that can make one big difference for several households.

Your professional and licensed plumbers Erie PA may simply need to replace your washers or the whole faucet fixture. And having an extremely high pressure could as well contribute to a dripping faucet. In order to make sure that the issue is assessed and repaired accordingly, you should be sure to contact a legit and highly reputable plumbing service provider.

Slow or Clogged Drains

Drain cleaners or plungers can help with clogged or slow drains in your toilet, tub, or sink for just some time however, they are not great for long-term solution. Plungers can usually dislodge debris that clog your drainage systems but they cannot remove it totally. And while drain cleaners, on the other hand, can do the trick, they can sometimes damage your water pipes when used too often.

If your drainage system consistently slow or keeps clogging, you should then contact a plumbing expert in order to properly fix it. Drain screens can actually help prevent the issue from happening in the future.

Stains or Odd Smells

When you notice a stain or a strong, musty odor on your flooring, ceiling or wall, it is likely you have some water leaks inside your home. When stains become dark, that is typically a sign of mold formation. Cracks in the caulking can also be a sign of water leak. It is very important to fix these problems immediately, especially when mildew or mold have already been growing.


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